Hey peeps, welcome to my website. I was in the music industry before I decided to attend university for music in my twenties, during which time, I discovered I was also an academic, so after graduating from a 1 year music diploma, I pursued academic subjects and received a bachelors and then a masters degree. During my university years, I made a passive--and massive--income as a real estate investor. Realtors would visit my university campus to sign papers. For success, I surrounded myself with a good lawyer, banker, and realtor.

After graduating with a masters, I wanted to pursue a Phd. (you can tell I love learning), but the doors didn't open. During this time, I wrote a book., nothing happened. I thought I'd write another book, nothing happened. For the longest time, I didn't know what to do. I went 10 years without knowing--a real walk in the desert. One day, just a regular day, I tried a cup of coffee that revolutionized my life. What I was previously drinking and believed to be good coffee was actually mediocre. Quite the revelation. That's when I started my own brand, Leo and Agnus and looked far and wide to procure great tasting coffee beans.  

Since then, I began to sell on amazon and even expanded my product line. At first, I began on the Canadian site, then U.S. then U.K.  site. Realizing I'm not selling fast enough, I joined a group of amazon sellers. I love being in community with other learners. Selling online is a journey I have yet to learn.


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